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Nematode Infection

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Nematode Infection causes the skin on the thighs to become rough and flaky. As this infection progresses the entire body will be affected. If you are housing multiple frogs together beware that Nematode Infection is highly contagious, especially among frogs that are under a large amount stress.

Nematode parasites live under the skin and are visible if the rough skin is scraped off. Usually a microscope will not even be required to see the parasites once they are exposed.

Such a condition will likely cause a great deal of stress to your frog. If you can catch a Nematode Infection early on it is easily treatable. Use 0.1 grams of Thiabendazole for every litre of clean water. Leave your frog in the water overnight and then change the water sometime the next day. Repeat this process once more and then your frog should be alright. If you do not notice a great deal of improvement or the condition is severe you should contact your local veternarian for further treatment.


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