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Myasis is an external disease that occurs in frog. Myasis occurs when the frogs body is attacked by maggots, flies or other similar parasites. This attack normally occurs when the living conditions of the frog are not kept clean. The most common cause is dirty water although overall cage conditions can also be the cause.

Parasites survive by feeding of a living host, which in this case happens to be your pet frog. The longer they are allowed to do this, the more damage they will cause.

The maggots can come from another infected frog, or by flies festering in the tank. The maggots will usually clump around the frogs head, and are completely visible to the naked eye.

To remove the maggots, you can use soft tongs or tweezers. This can be a tedious process because maggots usually are not all that big. After the maggots have been removed you should thoroughly sanitize the frogs enclosure and take your frog to the veterinarian. If you fail to sanitize the enclosure and keep the living standards up to par it is likely that the maggots will return shortly.


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