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Metabolic Bone Disease

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Metabolic Bone Disease or (MBD) is caused by a lack of vitamin D3 or calcium in your frog. This causes the bones in the frog to become weak and brittle. Since frogs are generally very active, once they have gotten MBD it is likely that they will break the small bones in their legs.

The best way to avoid MBD is to always provide a diet which has sufficient amounts of vitamin D3 and calcium. If you feel that you are providing your frog with a good diet but it still is lacking in vitamin D3 you can use a calcium supplement to dust their food with. Many species of frogs will require the use of a calcium supplement regardless of what type of food you feed them. Our care sheets can provide you with a good starting point regarding your frogs requirements.

This disease is often not reversable once it has gotten to an advanced stage. In some cases your veternarian may be able to provide you with injectable calcium to help your frog recover. This is not guaranteed to help as it all depends on how far the disease has progressed.

Preventative measures are always best to ensure that you can avoid MBD altogether for your frog.


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