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Intestinal Obstruction

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The intestines of your frog can become blocked due to an intake of gravel or stones. Over time eating many hard-shelled insects can have the same effect. There is very little that you can do about the hard-shelled insects because some species of frogs require them in great quantities to remain healthy.

To reduce the risk of impaction in the intestines of your frog do not use a substrate which is easily ingested. Its not that frogs purposely eat their substrate but it is possible that while they are eating their food they may accidentally take in part of it.

Once the intestines become obstructed it is best to consult your veterinarian as surgery may be necessary. If your frog does in fact need surgery it will work well to remove the blockage but serious complications can result. This is because the surgery is quite intrusive as the surgeon must get into the intestines to find the blockage. Operating on smaller frogs is also quite difficult because all of their organs are very small and delicate.


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