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Cuts & Wounds

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Frogs can become cut or wounded in a variety of ways. Typical causes are human handling, self-inflicted injuries and injures caused by another frog. When frogs get scared they frequently injure themselves as they attempt to escape from their encosure. Frogs often become spooked when you make changes to their environment, so when doing so pay close attention to the frog during the following days and even weeks. You will also want to put a great deal of thought into what objects you place in their habitat. Do not use anything that is sharp or could potentially cause injury.

Open wounds easily become infected so take proper care if you notice any cuts or abrasions on your frog. An anti-fungal solution can be applied to help reduce the risk of infection. If it does not appear to get better or if you suspect that it has already become infected consult your veternarian immediately. Infections can be very dangerous to frogs if they are left untreated and can allow further bacteria to enter the frog.

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