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Chytridiomycosis is a serious disease in non-captive frogs caused by a fungus known as chytrid. This fungus is almost never present in a captive environment which prevents captive frogs from getting chytridiomycosis. Of course if you bring a frog into captivity from the wild it may already have this disease. Chytridiomycosis is only one of many diseases that wild caught frogs may have, so for this reason you should never make a pet out of a wild frog.

There is at least one species of frogs in Australia that has become extinct as a result of chytridiomycosis. Furthermore, there are at least seven additional frog species around the world that chytridiomycosis has been thought to contribute to their extinction.

Australia, Ecuador, New Zealand, Panama, United States and Venezuela all have frog species which are affected by chytridiomycosis. Biologists from those and other countries around the world are working on detection and prevention methods before more species are adversely affected.


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