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Bloating Disease

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Bloating Disease is caused by a collection of fluid inside the frogs skin. It is an internal infection brought on by bacteria that allows the accumulation of fluid in the skin membranes. The infection does not allow this fluid to be released so the frog becomes bloated.

This condition is very stressfull to frogs so it must be treated early for best results. If housing multiple frogs together beware that the disease is highly contagious and potentially fatal. Some sort of an anti-bacterial agent will be needed to rid your frog of the infection. You can consult your local pet store or veternarian for the correct type to use. After the infection has been removed the bloating will slowly start to subside. It can take up to a few weeks until the size of the frog has completely returned to normal.

Make sure that even after the frog has been cured that you completely sanitize the habitat before reintroducing the frog into it. Otherwise you run the risk of having the frog become reinfected shortly after it is put back into the habitat.


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