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Frog Definitions

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Aquatic A frog that lives in the water
Clutch Refers to the number of eggs which are layed at one time
Dewlap This is the piece of skin that some lizards (like iguanas) have under their neck
Digits Fingers or toes
Discs (See Pads)
Diurnal Active during the daytime.
Herpetologist A person who analyzes and studies reptiles and/or amphibians
Lateral Means the side of a frog
Mid-dorsal Refers to the middle of a frogs back.
Pads The flat endings of toes or fingers which assist the frog in climbing
Pupil This is the opening in the eye which allows light to pass through
Spawn When a frog lays eggs
Submerged A frog that is below the surface of the water.
Ventral Refers to the body of a frog

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