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Red Eyed Tree Frog Care Sheet

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Red Eyed Tree Frogs are one of the most brightly coloured and beautiful frogs. Very calm creatures, they make perfect pet frogs.
Natural Location: Southern Mexico to Eastern Panama
Average Lifespan: Up to 4 Years
Estimated Size: 2" - 3.5"
Red Eyed Tree Frog

Feeding & Water

Feed your Red Eyed Tree Frogs a variety of insects including crickets, moths, flies, mealworms and other small bugs. In the wild, they will even eat other frogs.


Temperature, Lighting & Humidity

Keep the temperature during the day between 78 degrees F and 84 degrees F. Drop it to 67 degrees F to 73 degrees F at night. These Red Eyed Tree Frogs need high humidity, kept around 80% to 100% at all times. Use an incandescent bulb for the heat, or a ceramic heat emitter and heating pad if you prefer the look of flourescent lighting. Frogs do not need UVB lighting.



Red Eyed Tree Frogs need a tall habitat, taller than it is wide for sure. Provide branches for climbing, and have one branch fall close to the water dish. They are not the best swimmers, although they will be able to get out safely.


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