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Pacific Tree Frog Care Sheet

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The Pacific Tree Frog can be seen changing its colour fairly quickly, going from brown to green and all shaded inbetween.
Natural Location: Western Canada and USA
Average Lifespan: Up to 6 Years
Estimated Size: Up to 1 3/4"

Feeding & Water

Feed your Pacific Tree Frog a steady and varied diet of normal feeder insects, about 4 times weekly. Crickets, mealworms, silkworms, butterworms, earthworms and moths all do nicely. Gut load and coat your insects with a multi-vitamin supplement. Supply a shallow dish of water, cleaned daily. If you provide your Pacific Tree Frog with water as part of their habitat, you will not need to supply a dish as well.

Temperature, Lighting & Humidity

The Pacific Tree Frog does not need high temperatures. The daytime temperature should be kept around 60 degrees F. At night, drop the temperature to be around 45 degrees F. Keep the humidity level around 80%. You can moderate this by the level of water in the aquarium.


A small aquarium (10 - 20 Gallon) is all the Pacific Tree Frog needs. Give them a couple inches of water, with a large dry area as well. Use aquarium pebbles as a substrate under the water. Give them lots of branches and plant life to climb in, and hide in.


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