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Bullfrog Care Sheet

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Bullfrogs are normally green to brown-green in colour. Able to jump distances just over 6 feet, Bullfrogs are one of the 'true frogs.'
Natural Location: Canada and USA
Average Lifespan: Up to 5 years
Estimated Size: 4" - 6"

Feeding & Water

Bullfrogs will eat anything that will fit in their mouths. Feed them insects, fish, and frozen (thawed) mice and rats. Be careful if feeding with your hands, as they have sharp teeth on the roof of their mouths. In the wild, Bullfrogs will eat birds, lizards, frogs, small turtles and anything else that comes by, if it's the right size. Water should be in the tank at all times. If only using a dish, clean it everyday.


Temperature, Lighting & Humidity

Your Bullfrog habitat's temperature should be kept between 77 degrees F and 84 degrees F. The humidity will be controlled by the water in the tank. An incandescent bulb works best for the lighting, although you can always use a flourescent bulb as well.



Use a glass aquarium large enough for your Bullfrog to move around naturally. Keep one side dry, using rocks or gravel, and one side wet. The water should be able to cover half of the frogs body. Use a gravel or similar substrate under the water, so your Bullfrog isn't walking on glass.


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