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Frogs Picture

Frogs start out as tadpoles, and slowly mature into adults. Most frogs are semi-aquatic in nature. The specific characteristics of frogs vary greatly, from poison levels to natural colouration. Frogs (and toads) are part of the Amphibia class, sharing it with Salamanders and Caecilians.

Frogs Library

Our Frogs Library provides you with general care and maintenace guidelines for keeping frogs as pets. You will find basic information on housing, breeding, nutrition and health for all frogs. We also have a large selection of care sheets based on different frogs. Furthermore, you will find a large listing of pictures of frogs. We would love to hear from your if you have any pictures of your own frogs that you would like us to post in the frog pictures section.

Frog Sections

Definitions Diseases Families General

New Frogs Content

Popular Pets has just merged with Frogs Zone. Consequently, all of the frogs information from that great resource has been transferred here. As with all other sections Popular Pets makes frequent updates to our frogs section!


Recent Frog Addtions

May 08/07 Take a look at our new generic frog care information.
May 02/07 All of our frog diseases pages have been updated with new info.
Mar 24/07 Learn more about Intestinal Obstruction and Nematode Infection.
Mar 23/07 Read about even more Frog Diseases with our new content.
Mar 15/07 View our pictures of the European Fire-Bellied Toad.
Mar 07/07 New pictures of the Mexican Burrowing Toad.
Mar 01/07 Pictures of the Hochstetters Frog are now available.

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