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Ear Mites

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Ear mites will occassionally affect ferrets. This generally only occurs when the living conditions are not up to par. Since ferrets generally are allowed to roam around the house the ear mites can come from a variety of places. For this reason you must take care to ensure that any area the ferret is allowed to go is sufficiently clean to avoid the transfer of diseases and infections.

Signs of ear mites in ferrets includes a brownish looking discharge from the ears. If you notice your ferret excessively scratching its ears, that can also be a sign of ear mites.

Usually veterinarian treatment is recommended for mites that are living in the ear of a ferret. This is because the ear is much more sensitive than the rest of its body. There are however treatments that you can purchase from your local pet store that should be able to rid your ferret of the mites.


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