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Adrenal disease affects the glands of ferrets that grow their fur. For this reason the disease will most likely be noticed during either the spring or fall seasons. If the disease has progressed significatly it is likely that when the ferret sheds its winter coat, nothing will grow back. If it has not progressed to an advanced stage the hair loss will begin at the tail of the ferret and then continue towards its head.

The biggest problem with adrenal is that it is still unknown how infected ferrets obtain the disease. One thought is that an improper diet may have something to do with it but at this point that has not been proven.

Common signs of this disease include the ferret have difficulty defecating and/or urinating. As mentinoed above hair loss is the end result but small amounts of hair loss around the tail may be noticable early on.

If you notice any of these signs be sure to take your ferret to the veterinarian as some treatment options do exist. Furthermore, fur loss is a sign of other diseases as well so it may not necessarily be adrenal that you are dealing with. Either way a veterinarian will be able to help you.


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