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Picture of Ferrets

Ferrets have a long history which spans over 2500 years when they first become domesticated. Although many theories exist noone can be certain as to the reasoning. The most plausible theory is that ferrets were bred for hunting which is what the Romans did many years ago.

Ferret Info Sections


Ferrets as Pets

Domestic ferrets are usually very playful and curious. Their playfulness is the main reason they have become so popular as pets. Since they are so curious though they can get themselves into a lot of trouble and at times create quite a mess.

New Ferret Info

Heat stroke commonly occurs in pet ferrets.
Adrenal is an important health issue as it relates to ferrets.
We now have information about treating ferrets with ear mites.
Read through our new health section for ferrets.
Take a peek around our ferrets section which we have just added.

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