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Heat Stroke

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Heat stroke is a condition that is common to most pets. If conditions are hot outside and your dog has been there for a long time especially without shade it is a great risk of developing heat stroke. When you have your dog outside ensure that it has a fresh supply of cool drinking water which will help it reduce its body heat. Some dogs have disproportionately small mouths which puts them at a greater risk of heat stroke. This is because dogs pant when they get hot to reduce the heat in their body.

Heat stroke can also occur if your dog is in a hot room without a great deal of ventilation to help dissipate the heat. 40 degrees celsius is generally considered to be the temperature at which heat stroke can occur. The higher the temperature, the less time it will take for the effects of heat stroke to hit your dog.

If heat stroke does occur you must get your dog cooled down as quickly as possible. Immediatly after the dogs temperature has been reduced sufficiently you will need to get it veterinarian attention to ensure a smooth recovery as other complications are possible as a result of heat stroke.


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