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Dogs which have heartworm will have tiny parasites inside their heart and surrounding blood vessels. The biggest problem with heartworm is that until the condition has advanced significantly to a dangerous stage your dog will likely show no signs at all. Once it has gotten to that stage it is probably too late to help the dog. As the condition progresses you may notice that your dog is unable to exercise as long as it used to because the worms are actually clogging up the blood vessels.

A dog that is infected with heartworm can easily transport it to other dogs and even cats. Since treatment of heartworm is virtually impossible to do reliably, taking preventative measures is highly recommended. There are a variety of different medications available that work well to prevent heartworm from occuring to your dog. Generally your veterinarian will be able to give you pills which you can give to your dog with food to significantly reduce the risk of heartworm.


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