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Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints of dogs. It is the same condition that affects humans, however in dogs it generally affects the knees and hips the most as opposed to the hands in humans. Rest is really the only way to reduce the amount of pain that the dog goes through due to arthritis.

If your dog does have arthritis the best way to contain it is to prevent your dog from over exerting itself. If you are playing with it and you notice afterwards that the dog seems to be in pain take that into account the next time you go out to play with it and reduce the level of activity.

Obviously exercise is good for any animal but when it starts to cause pain you have gone to far. Talk to your veternarian about this condition as chances are they can give you some guidelines as to how much exercise your dog should be receiving. There is very little medication that is available for arthritis in dogs. Chances are the arthritis will get worse as the dog gets older. In severe cases it is possible that it can completely restrict the movement of the dog due to extreme pain.


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