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Some dogs will have allergies to certain items. Sometimes they are born with these allergies while other times they develop over time just like with humans.

If your dog is consistently rubbing its face or snout against objects in the house or the floor this is a telltale sign of an allergy. Furthermore, when the allergy is first developed it will usually only cause the dog discomfort during certain seasons. As the dog gets older it is likely that the allergy will get worse to the point that it will affect the dog during the entire year.

If the allergy is bad enough it can cause scabs to form on the surface of the dog due to continued irritation. Dogs do not understand the consequences of continually scratching the area that is bothering them which is why they continue to do so to the point that it becomes raw.

A trained veterinarian can give your dog a test to determine if they do actually have an allergy. If in fact they do the veterinarian will also be able to prescribe a treatment if available. Many times however the dog will have no choice but to live with the allergy as treatment is unavailable for many types of allergies. Other times you will be able to remove certain items from your house that your dog may be allergic to.


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