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Patterdale Terrier

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Country of Origin: England
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Patterdale Terriers tend to be very confident in their abilities even when they are just puppies. For this reason owners of these dogs should be careful what situtations they put their Patterdale Terrier into, especially when it is young.

Although they are good natured in general the Patterdale Terrier generally does not do well with other animals in the house. They may get along well with other dogs of the same breed but cats, rabbits, etc are generally not a good fit. The Patterdale Terrier is very energetic which means it can cause a great deal of havoc around the household. Owners of these dogs must make sure that they properly train their Patterdale Terrier when they first get it and not let it get out of hand at any point during their lives because it can be very hard to rectify the behavior of one that has gone bad.


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