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Cairn Terrier

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Country of Origin: Scotland

Along with the more popular Scottish and Skye Terriers, the Cairn Terrier also originates in Scotland. Although officially considered a terrier, the Cairn Terrier is also classified as a working dog. Its small size makes it particularly good at hunting prey which burrows in the ground. Even if the Cairn Terrier is not hunting prey it loves to dig in the ground. The Cairn Terrier is believed to be one of the oldest breeds of terriers.

The Cairn Terrier has two coats. The inner coat is very dense and soft, while the outter coat is more like a brush.

Most terriers are known for having a strong-willed personailty and the Carin Terrier is no different. For this reason they typically do not make good lap dogs, this is coupled with the fact that they are usually full of energy.


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