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Although generally small in size, terriers are known for being strong and athletic. Terriers were originally bred to help Australian farmers hunt and kill vermin (a type of wild rabbit common in Australia). They have also been used in the past to rid houses of pests including mice and rats.

- Affenpinscher - Norfolk Terrier
- Airedale Terrier - Norwich Terrier
- American Toy Terrier - Parson Jack Russell Terrier
- American Pit Bull Terrier - Patterdale Terrier
- American Staffordshire Terrier - Scottish Terrier
- Australian Terrier - Sealyham Terrier
- Bedlington Terrier - Silky Terrier
- Border Terrier - Skye Terrier
- Boston Terrier - Smooth Fox Terrier
- Cairn Terrier - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
- Dandie Dinmont Terrier - Welsh Terrier
- English Toy Terrier - West Highland White Terrier
- German Hunting Terrier - Wire Fox Terrier
- German Pinscher - Yorkshire Terrier
- Lakeland Terrier  
- Manchester Terrier  
- Miniature Bull Terrier  
- Miniature Pinscher  
Terriers make great pets due to their great personalities, however they are known to be very rambunctious so if you are looking for a docile dog a terrier is probably not for you.

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