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Click on the name of a Dog Breed category for a complete listing of all the breeds of dogs that fall under that category.
Companion Dogs Appearing a vast variety of shapes and sizes these dogs are bred purely as companions and not to work.
Gundogs Originally these dogs were used for hunting but their loyalty to their owners has made them a household pet.
Herding Dogs Although there are exceptions, herding dogs are generally not kept as pets or used as show dogs.
Hounds Since hounds are used for hunting they are required to have excellent strength and stamina.
Terriers Terriers are known for being very alert and good spirited making them excellent choices for household pets.
Working Dogs A variety of dogs fit into the working dogs category as dogs can be used for various jobs.
Some breeds of dogs can fit into multiple categories. We have placed it under the category that we feel fits best although different people may have made different choices. If you have any suggestions for more dog breeds please visit our contact page.

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