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Cat Picture

Dogs are known as being the most social of any household pet. Dogs become very attached and protective of their owners which makes dogs a great choice for a non-human companion.

Dogs Information

Eventually our dogs section will contain information about all aspects of dogs such as care information and a directory of all the different breeds of dogs.

Dog Sections


New Dog Information

Read all about the popular Norwich Terrier in our dog breeds section.
We now have information about the Cairn Terrier.
You can now read more about the Welsh Terrier.
The Yorkshire Terrier is our newest breed of dog to be added.
Read all about the wonderful Scottish Terrier.
Many of the pages in our health section have undergone updates.
View our updated dog breed listings.
Boston Terriers are a popular breed of pet dog.
Learn more about the popular Border Terrier breed of dog.
Read all about dogs with Allergies and Heat Stroke.
You can now read our detailed information sheets for the Airedale Terrier, Manchester Terrier, Norfolk Terrier, Patterdale Terrier and Skye Terrier.
Read about the new Working Dogs that were just added to our list.
Our newest dog pictures are of the Norwich Terrier.

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