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Choosing a Cat

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Everyone can agree that all kittens are appealing, as they are so cute when they are small. There are steps to take to pick out the best one for you. First off, decide which gender you want. Male cats are generally larger than females, and unless breeding them, must be neutered. Females however, will need to be spayed if you want to prevent them from getting pregnant.

Watch the Kittens

Make sure you simply watch the kittens playing. You want to make sure the kitten you choose is playful, attentive and inquisitive. On the other hand, you want to avoid a kitten that does not want to be handled.

Check Over the Coat

Thoroughly look through the kittens fur. Watch for any small dark spots. Normally this is an indication of fleas, and can lead to bigger health problems.

Ears and Eyes

Look into the kittens ears and try to spot any wax buildups. A healthy kitten will have clean ears. The 'nictitating membrane', or the 'third eyelid', should not be over the eye in any way. Make sure the eyes are also clear of any discharge.

Oral Inspection

Opening the mouth and giving the cat an oral inspection will reveal any damage done to the teeth, possible gum disease and other infections.

Rear End

Lift up the cats tail and check the anal area. Make sure there is no staining on the fur, as this can be a sign of diarrhea.

Veterinary Checkup

After you have made your choice, always take the kitten to your veterinarian for a more expert checkup. Make sure you receive all paperwork about the kittens shots as well.

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