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Coat Patterns

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The coat patterns in cats normally reflect their heritage in some form. Over time, different coat patterns emerge as breeders cross-breed cats, resulting in carefully refined coats. There are 4 main patterns, which all have variations.


Particolor cats have white fur, with another colour mixed in. It doesn't have to be one other colour either, as present in the Calico. Colours can vary from white, cream, black and red, such as in the Calico, to white and black.


Almost all tortoiseshell patterned cats are female. The tortoiseshell pattern is black, cream and red, which are all intermingled over their bodies. Normally, a mix of black with cream or red on their faces are desired by breeders.


Cats with Pointed coats have light coloured fur on their bodies, with their extremities, and in most cases their faces as well, are dark brown or black. The colour of those extremities are changed by body temperature, climate, and hair length.


Wild cats also have tabby markings. Tabby colouration is any combination of colours, in stripes or patches. The colouration helps in camoflauge while hunting.

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