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Country of Origin: Thailand
The Siamese cat is probably the most recognizable breed of cat due to its coloration. Siamese cats are known for being very affectionate and intelligent. They also make a very distinct noise that is much more low-pitched than most cats.
The Siamese is noted for its cream colored background with dark hair on their paws, legs, tail, ears and on the front of their face. An enzyme exists in Siamese cats which is responsible for the color variations in their fur, because this enzyme only works in the cooler parts of their bodies. At birth the fur of a Siamese cat is almost all the lighter color, however the dark spots begin to form within the first few months. The actual color of these dark patches varies within the breed from very dark brown to grey.
Siamese cats are less active than most other cats at night. This is believed to be because their blue eyes are not well adapted for seeing at night.

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