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Country of Origin: United States of America
The Balinese cat looks a lot like a Siamese, and is a breed of oriental cat. The markings on their medium length coat resembles those of a Siamese. The Balinese cat requires far less grooming than a Himalayan, as their hair is not as fluffy. Many Siamese cats are very talkative, but not the Balinese. They are quiet by nature, but very intelligent.
Balinese cats first appeared during the 1920s. They were found in the litters of Siamese cats, but had much longer hair. This was seen as odd, and these cats were not used as show cats, but rather household cats exclusively. This continued until the 1950s, where breeding programs were started for the long-hair versions. They were named after the graceful Balinese dancers. The Balinese cats became quite popular afterwards.
The Balinese cats now have two seperate breeds, named 'traditional' and 'contemporary'. The coat of the traditional variation is about 2 inches long, has a semi-rounded muzzle, and is a very hardy cat. The contemporary version has a shorter coat, and looks very close to the traditional Siamese.

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