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There are many different breeds of cats, originating from all over the world. We have called them our friends for about 8,000 years. The domestic cat is thought to have descended from the African Wild Cat.

Cats Library

Our Cats Library provides you with general care and maintenace guidelines for keeping your cat healthy. You will find basic information on living conditions, house breaking, breeding, nutrition and health for all cats.

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New Cat Content

Jun 15/07 Take a look at our Egyptian Mau pictures.
Jun 04/07 We have just added European Shorthair pictures.
May 30/07 You can now see what the Colorpoint Shorthair cat looks like.
May 13/07 We now have made available pictures of the Devon Rex cat.
May 07/07 The Cornish Rex pictures are our newest addition.
Apr 28/07 The Nebelung cat has a small bushy tail.
Apr 27/07 The Norwegian Forest Cat is our newest breed info sheet.
Apr 23/07 You can now learn all about the Oriental Cat.
Apr 21/07 Our breeds section now contains the Austalian Mist cat.
Apr 19/07 Read through our all new articles about Somali, Tonkinese and Turkish Van cat breeds.
Apr 18/07 Read about the curled ears of the American Curl cat.
Apr 18/07 The American Bobtail cat is a very rare breed.
Apr 18/07 Abyssinian cats are one of the more curious and independent cats.
Apr 15/07 The Snowshoe cat is one of the more sociable cats available.
Apr 02/07 The Ocicat is a rare breed of cat.
Mar 29/07 New pictures have been added of the Somali, Sphynx, Tonkinese and Turkish Van cats.
Mar 12/07 Browse through our new pictures of the British Shorthair, Burmese and Burmilla cats.
Mar 09/07 View our new pictures of the Bengal, Birman and Bombay cats.
Mar 05/07 New pictures of the Abyssinian, American Bobtail, American Shorthair and Australian Mist cats are up.
Mar 05/07 We have updated our Cat Breeds section with more cats.
Mar 05/07 There is a new description of the Devon Rex cat.
Mar 05/07 Siberian Cats have been added to our list of Cat Breeds.
Mar 04/07 Learn all about the Siamese breed of cat with our new article.
Mar 04/07 You can now read all about the Ragdoll breed.
Mar 03/07 Take a look at our article on the Scottish Fold which is a type of cat breed.
Mar 03/07 These breeds have had pictures added; Chausie, Snowshoe.
Mar 02/07 The Birman breed is the latest cat to be added to our pages.
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