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Popular Pets Archive

This page represents a collection of the updates and additions which have occured on the Popular Pets Website. We started keeping an archive as of January 1/2007.
Apr 30/07 Learn how to treat lizards with cuts and other external wounds.
Apr 28/07 Our Rosy Boa snake care sheet has been updated.
Apr 28/07 We have added more general rabbit care information.
Apr 28/07 Learn even more about the Nebelung breed of cat.
Apr 27/07 Read all about the Norwegian Forest Cat breed.
Apr 25/07 Learn about what makes the Boston Terrier so special.
Apr 24/07 The Border Terrier is a very energetic type of dog.
Apr 23/07 Our newest cat article is about the Oriental Cat.
Apr 21/07 Learn about the shorthaired Austalian Mist cat.
Apr 20/07 Guinea pigs which are kept in wire cages can get foot infections.
Apr 20/07 Our newest addition is information about the Yellow Clown Goby.
Apr 19/07 Sometimes dogs will get heat stroke or obtain allergies.
Apr 19/07 Detailed information sheets have been added for a few terriers.
Apr 19/07 Sometimes guinea pigs will get Intestinal Infections or Mites.
Apr 19/07 We have added articles about the Turkish Van, Tonkinese and Somali breeds of cats.
Apr 18/07 You can now read all about how to feed guinea pigs.
Apr 18/07 Learn all about the unique behavior of gerbils.
Apr 18/07 We have added an article about what to feed gerbils.
Apr 18/07 When tropical fish are sick they may get a condition called Dropsy.
Apr 18/07 We have just added a guide for properly Handling Gerbils.
Apr 18/07 Read about proper techniques for providing a house for your gerbil.
Apr 18/07 You can now read about the Abyssinian, American Bobtail and American Curl breeds of cats.
Apr 17/07 Our Working Dogs list now has more species listed.
Apr 17/07 Guinea Pigs can commonly become infested with Lice.
Apr 16/07 Read about gerbils who have Rough Fur Coats.
Apr 15/07 Learn about the rare Snowshoe breed of cat.
Apr 11/07 Review our page on the European Hamster species.
Apr 10/07 We have added an info sheet for Dwarf Hamsters.
Apr 09/07 Read our guide with information on Feeding Gerbils.
Apr 08/07 We have just added pictures of the small Norwich Terrier dog.
Apr 07/07 Learn the proper techniques for building a guinea pig house.
Apr 03/07 Older gerbils commonly get Epilepsy.
Apr 02/07 Learn about the Ocicat breed of cat.
Mar 31/07 Read about even more Terriers with our updated listing.
Mar 29/07 Ringworm is a disease which can affect Guinea Pigs.
Mar 29/07 We have added an article about keeping a hamsters cage clean.
Mar 29/07 View our new Cat Pictures which have just been added.
Mar 28/07 We have added more Herding Dogs to our ongoing listing.
Mar 27/07 More Tropical Fish pictures were added including the Pencil Fish.
Mar 26/07 We have added some new Tropical Fish pictures.
Mar 24/07 Dogs are at particular risk of obtaining Heartworm.
Mar 24/07 Read more about Nematode Infection in pet frogs.
Mar 23/07 A few of our Frog Disease pages have been updated.
Mar 21/07 View our pictures of the poisonous Desert Death Adder snake.
Mar 19/07 More Turtle Diseases have been updated.
Mar 18/07 View even more Companion Dogs.
Mar 16/07 New pictures of the South American Bushmaster.
Mar 15/07 More Turtle Diseases have been updated.
Mar 13/07 Our newest addtion is pictures of the Barba Amarilla snake.
Mar 13/07 Review our updated Turtle Health information that we have posted.
Mar 12/07 New pictures of various breeds of cats are available.
Mar 12/07 We have added pictures of Cages and Wheels for hamsters.
Mar 12/07 Like most rodents gerbils are susceptible to Tapeworms.
Mar 12/07 Learn to avoid Tail Lesions in pet gerbils.
Mar 12/07 Various new snake pictures are up for your viewing.
Mar 12/07 An article about arthritis is the newest addition to the dogs section.
Mar 11/07 View all of our new dog pictures that have just been added.
Mar 11/07 Our hamster health & diseases section now contains more info.
Mar 10/07 Look at our new pictures of the Skye, Welsh and Yorkshire Terriers.
Mar 09/07 Visit our Gerbil Pictures section for the newest updates.
Mar 09/07 Now you can view our pictures of the Knight Anole lizard.
Mar 09/07 We have added a few different Dog Pictures.
Mar 09/07 New Pictures of Cats are available for all to see!
Mar 09/07 Learn about caring for hamsters that have Ear Infections.
Mar 09/07 Just like humans, hamsters can also be victims to Diabetes.
Mar 08/07 Frequently hamsters will develop problems with their teeth.
Mar 08/07 Hamsters which have been wounded can form Abscesses.
Mar 07/07 You can now view pictures of the Dove Mongolian Gerbil.
Mar 06/07 We have added a few pictures of Gerbils.
Mar 06/07 Look at our brand new pictures of the Many Horned Adder and the Mountain Horned Adder snakes.
Mar 06/07 Hamsters have a tendency to harbour Tapeworms in their intestines for periods of time without being noticed.
Mar 06/07 Have a look at our European Fire-Bellied Toad pictures.
Mar 06/07 Guinea pigs are at danger of contracting Pneumonia and having a Vitamin C Deficiency.
Mar 06/07 Learn more about gerbils with Nutritional Problems.
Mar 06/07 Like all small pets rabbits are at risk of getting Heat Stroke.
Mar 05/07 View our new pictures of various Cats.
Mar 05/07 Two new sets of hamster pictures have been added.
Mar 05/07 Get ready for Dog Pictures with our new section.
Mar 05/07 Read all about Gerbils with our new section!
Mar 04/07 More Hounds have been added to our list.
Mar 04/07 Even Guinea Pigs are at risk of getting cancer.
Mar 03/07 Our list of Gundog species has grown again.
Mar 03/07 Guinea Pigs can also fall victim to Heat Stroke.
Mar 02/07 Our Popular Pets Sitemap is now completely up to date!
Mar 01/07 Pictures of the Puerto Rican Boa have been added.
Feb 28/07 More pictures of the Horned Adder are available for you to view.
Feb 27/07 View our pictures of the Mexican Burrowing Toad.
Feb 26/07 New pictures of the Berg Adder are now available.
Feb 24/07 More pictures of Hamsters have been added.
Feb 20/07 Hochstetters Frog pictures have been added in the frogs section.
Feb 19/07 Our Companion Dog list has grown again.
Feb 15/07 Pictures of the Argentine Boa snake.
Feb 11/07 New pictures of the Common Spadefoot Toad.
Feb 11/07 Take a look at our new African Puff Adder pictures.
Feb 08/07 Wet Tail is one of the more common diseases in Hamsters.
Feb 07/07 Common Parsley Frog pictures are the newest addtion to Frogs.
Feb 07/07 Check out the Snakes section for Amazon Tree Boa pictures.
Feb 06/07 Don't miss out on our updated listing of Gundogs.
Feb 02/07 Read about Hamster Housing with our new page.
Feb 01/07 Read our description of the Devon Rex that has just been added.
Jan 30/07 Learn how Herding Dogs are used in the world.
Jan 29/07 Browse through our Mini Lop pictures.
Jan 27/07 Read about Companion Dogs with our new listing.
Jan 27/07 We have added a Rough Green Snake care sheet.
Jan 27/07 Our Sand Boa care sheet has just been updated and added to.
Jan 26/07 Read new information about Western Worm Snakes.
Jan 24/07 The Hounds list has been updated and is nearing completion.
Jan 24/07 Read our article about Handling Hamsters to avoid injury.
Jan 23/07 Our list of Terriers has grown again.
Jan 23/07 Although not extremely common, Rabbits can form Hairballs.
Jan 22/07 Take a look at our updated Working Dogs list.
Jan 22/07 Learn about how Cancer forms in snakes.
Jan 21/07 A new Rabbit Health & Diseases page has been created.
Jan 21/07 We now have pictures available of the Asp Snake.
Jan 20/07 We have made a few updates to our Lizard Definitions.
Jan 20/07 Take a look at our listing of the types of Hounds.
Jan 19/07 You can now read about Siberian Cats.
Jan 18/07 Take a look at our new African Dwarf Frog pictures.
Jan 18/07 We now have a Dog Health & Diseases section for you to look at.
Jan 18/07 Read all about Herding Dogs with our new listing.
Jan 17/07 Hamsters are very Susceptible to Diseases.
Jan 17/07 Beware of the threat of Bladder Stones to your pet hamster.
Jan 16/07 Read all about Guinea Pigs with hair loss.
Jan 15/07 Take a look at our description and listing of Gundogs.
Jan 13/07 The Terrier breed of dog is very popular as a pet dog.
Jan 13/07 Read about how to care for lizards that have lost their tail.
Jan 12/07 We have created a new section for Diseases & Health for lizards.
Jan 11/07 Our Frog Health section is also undergoing updates.
Jan 10/07 Take a look at our Turtle Diseases section for the new updates.
Jan 10/07 Like humans, hamsters can form cancer.
Jan 09/07 Learn how you can spread the word about Popular Pets by linking to us from your website.
Jan 09/07 We have started our listing of Working Dogs in the Dogs section.
Jan 08/07 Learn about how to treat Snakes with Blisters.
Jan 07/07 Take a look at all our new addtions and updates which have been done to the Tropical Fish Care Tips section.
Jan 07/07 Bacterial Infections in Tropical Fish are all too common.
Jan 06/07 You can now read about Skin Shedding and Lack of Appetite in Turtles.
Jan 06/07 Our newest article is about Siamese Cats.
Jan 03/07 Learn more about the effects of Skin Lesions in frogs.
Jan 03/07 The Ragdoll breed of cat has been added in our cats section.
Jan 01/07 Check out our new Pets Sitemap that we have started to build.

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