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Pet Care Information

  Pet Rabbit picture
Pet Care Information for all types of popular pets. Popular Pets is the only resource you need for care information for your pet, and the place to read about all types of animals. Learn everything you can about caring for your pet, because they deserve it.

The Place for all Pets

From Dogs, Cats, Reptiles and Amphibians, to Tropical Fish and Rodents, we have the pet care information for you. Visit our Pet Forums to talk about your pets with other animal lovers, and visit our Pet Store for the latest products for your pet. Follow the pet name links at the top for more information. In the near future we will be adding our pets store which is designed to provide you the best value for your everyday pet products.
  Hamsters - Featured Pet
Hamsters are one of the most popular pets due to their relative ease of care. Below you will find links to the most popular hamster sections on our website. Hamster Picture
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What Makes a Pet?

Not all animals can be domesticated as pets. Dogs of course are the most domesticated pets around and are even considered to exhibit human qualities such as compasion for others around them, including humans and other pets.

Whats New at Popular Pets?

More updates coming soon.
We now have information about the Cairn Terrier and the Norwich Terrier.
In our ferrets health section you can read about adrenal, ear mites and heat stroke as it relates to ferrets.
An article has been added about the popular Welsh Terrier.
We have just updated our Chinese Hamster information.
You can now learn about the Yorkshire Terrier breed of dog.
We now have a new page about the Scottish Terrier.
We have updated our Gerbil Feeding guide.
View pictures of hamster wheels which are common toys.
If not fed properly hamsters can form nutritional deficiencies.
You can find new snake pictures in our snakes section.
We now have pictures of the Egyptian Mau cat available.
Our newest cat pictures are of the European Shorthair.
We have added pictures of the Colorpoint Shorthair breed of cat.
Read about hip spots that appear on some hamsters.
You can now see pictures of the Carolina Anole.
View our new Devon Rex cat pictures.
Our snake feeding section has been updated.
Read our guide for handling hamsters without injuring them.
The articles in our general frog care section have been updated.
Read our new general care articles about turtles.
Read about lizards who have skin problems.
Read through the new information that is available in both our fish health and diseases section and our fish care tips section.
Our entire lizard health section has undergone updates.
Pictures of the Cornish Rex cat are now available in the cats area.
Our entire rabbit health and disease section has been updated.
Gerbils who do not get enough food may starve.
As a rabbit gets older it may form overgrown teeth.
A large overhaul has taken place in the guinea pig health area.
Read through all of our new turtle disease and health information.
You will find a lot of new information in our Snake Health area.

More Pets to Come

As time goes on Popular Pets will be adding more and more types of pets to our website. Be sure to bookmark Popular Pets and check back frequently for our new pets information.

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